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Beaches in Peniche 

Known as The Wave Capital, Peniche has a range of beaches for every taste and for everyone, to water sports lovers, families, children to young people, to quiet and calm beaches to higher wave conditions, perfect for surfers. 

The Baleal is an extensive sandy beach surrounded by big dunes, being divided by a road that unites the small peninsula to the Baleal, forming two small bays. The Baleal is considerate a treasure for the diving lovers and the water sport lovers, but it is also sought by families and young people. The smaller island is the Baleal fishermen villa. 

The Supertubos Beach or Medão Beach is located south of Peniche and it is considerate a beautiful beach, surrounded by gorgeous dunes and sand, lapped by excellent waves, being sought by surfers and fishing lovers. This beach is one of the selective beaches for the event RIP Curl Pro Portugal.

The Consolação is an endless white sandy beach with calm and clear waters, appropriated for surfing. Along this beach there are many typical restaurants with fresh fish and seafood. This beach is sought for its iodine and its curative mud. 

The Cova of Alfarroba Beach is surrounded by big dunes and it is an extensive sandy beach in a small bay, being sought by young surfers and families. 

The Quebrado Beach is a small beach with rocks in it, frequented by fishermen and families who want a quiet place to stay. It is sought by people who like to dive but this beach doesn’t have a lifeguard.

The Almagreira Beach is very sought by surfers and for those who like quiet and calm beaches. In this beach you can find sandy clay formations. 

The Frades Beach is a beach with a difficult access, seen from above the rocky shore, walking a tricky road until the extensive sandy beach with clear waters. 

The Peniche de Cima Beach is in the extreme west of the Baleal bay, in the urban area of Peniche, and for this reason, this beach is much sought. 

The São Bernardino Beach is in a shell sand, surrounded by scarps and it is a sandy beach a little bit rocky. It is a beach quite popular.

The Gamboa Beach is near the town of Peniche, being very sought by its crystal waters and for its sand.

The Molhe Leste Beach is next to a pier or a jetty where a small stream flows. This beach is sought for those who practice water sports, as surf and bodyboard, due to the north wind is strong. This beach is one of the selective beaches for the event RIP Curl Pro Portugal.

The Berlengas Beach is divided in two beaches, one the Fortaleza and the Carreiro of Mosteiro, both with crystal waters, filled reefs and sea caves that are great for underwater explorations, but it hasn’t a lifeguard. In these beaches you can see the São João Baptista Fort. 
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